About us

columbiamortgageplace.com was begun as an online platform to help individuals and families find resources for their Columbia Mortgage needs.

We seek out individual mortgage brokers in the Columbia area that are dedicated to finding the best mortgage rates available.  Our brokers provide a professional service and offer options and rates that Columbia’s local bank lenders cannot offer.  Our agents deal in wholes-sale interest rates that are more competitive than Branch and “big box” lenders.  Being independent from any one major bank offers these advantages:

  • Columbia Mortgages
  • Columbia Mortgage Place’s independent brokers are not tied to conservative bank lending programs.
  • Not a part of bureaucratic, lengthy processes that your local bank may have.
  • Our brokers have experience in the home-loan, real estate and specialty loan process. Many larger banks employ “green” business grads that have limited training about the loan process and in many cases they are just customer service representatives forwarding your application to a central processor that is an automated nightmare.
  • An advisor to YOU on the best approaches to successfully get your project or home purchase funded.
  • Our brokers do all the paperwork and preparation for you. They work on behalf of you and the lender with a dedication to keeping things going forward.
  • They do cost comparison across large numbers of banks and lenders based on your specific needs and qualifications. Don’t make the “mortgage mistake” of settling for the only program “YourBank” has to offer!
  • More loan choices and the ability to work out those special situations and financing needs.
  • Our team is easy to get in touch with. We are not part of the big bank establishment and you will find our bankers available online and buy phone.
  • Your local bank may overcharge you because they don’t have to disclose commissions.
  • Our broker programs are incentivized by speed and how quickly we can process your requested loan to closing.

We are dedicated to getting the word out in the markets that we serve and to educate the public about options and sources for finding the perfect mortgage for your real estate in Columbia SC.

But wait, our services did not stop there! Though independent from any local banks, we are connected to an international financing corporation which makes your accounts in a good position. Our ties with Loan Remedy, specifically if the basic foundation why we are set apart from other mortgage brokers in Columbia. This internation connection goes all the way from Utah. There they are also considered as the best mortgage lenders in Utah. So rest assured that we are capable to deliver to you quick and quality services.

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